Gregory Kelder

Divisional Senior Vice President and Claims Director, Environmental Division, Great American Insurance Group

Gregory Kelder is a Division Senior Vice President with Great American’s Environmental Division, serving as its Claims Director. In his role, he manages the division’s claims department and serves as a member of its senior management team responsible for the overall strategic growth of the Division. In addition to his work at Great American, Greg is a leader of many industry organizations and is a member of the PA Environmental Council, the Global Water Alliance, EECMA, the Environmental Claims Journal Editorial Advisory Board, EECMA, and the PA Bar Association.

Greg earned his Juris Doctor from Rutgers Law School. He is also a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, holding a master’s degree in environmental science and policy. With more than 30 years of environmental claims and insurance experience, he has developed expertise in matters related to emerging environmental risks as well as broader challenges related to environmental litigation, pollution, regulation, climate change, ESG, and water policy. He is frequently a speaker at national conferences around the U.S.  Greg is based out of the Exton, Pennsylvania office.

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